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Horror Movies, Anyone?

Horror Movies, Anyone?

If you are one of the few who love suspense, thrills and being frightened, then welcome to the world of horror movies. Who cares about bungee jumping off a high bridge when you can watch a horror movie, feel the same adrenaline rush and scare yourself to death without risking bodily harm?

This gives us one good reason why movies that make us cringe in fear are still wonderful forms of entertainment. Horror movies, when done right, can entertain us like no other dramatic movie can.

How often have we watched a horror movie, ended up being too scared to go to the bathroom and still decide to watch another horror flick? Some may say that they have many times, but a real horror movie fan will swear to love every single second and has probably watched all the horror movies that exist.

When it comes to movies, production costs have soared and the effects, whether visual or auditory, have significantly improved. Some scare tactics have remained the same with most horror movies like the sudden fright that comes from a character opening a door and a monster or ghost appearing from out of nowhere.

Picking out the best horror movie to watch is like sampling wines and choosing the most aged. Practically anyone can be scared easily, but more jaded horror movie fans have standards. If you want advice from a horror movie lover like myself, then opt to watch horror movies from Asian countries like Japan.

I’m not talking about those dismal remakes of the original ones. I’m talking about those frightening and questioning movies that have subtitles you have to read to understand. The best example would be “Ring,” Hideo Nakata’s horror film that remains popular to this day.

Test your bravery by watching Asian horror movies today!

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